Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I thought I'd tell you..

The reasons for this blog is to:

Honor God and my parents.

Encourage other girls.

To start a book/bible study.

Stay connected.

Improve my writing. (BTW my mom just bought a new writing program I'm SO excited!!)

Share my favorite books.

All right, dose everyone like my background? If not I can easily change it. Plus I like to change it often. :D

(I ask that because I'm not sure if I like it!)

Here are links to other templates I like.

Button Tree link:

Earth laughs with flowers link:

Sweet springs link:

Leave a comment and I will pick the one everyone likes the most!

Dedicated Daughter...

1 comment:

Emily Rachael said...

YAY Kathleen!
Love your blog!
Sooo exciting!