Friday, October 9, 2009

Ice Cream, Beach and Lots of F.U.N!

Instead of just me, Elise and mom going to the ice cream shop, we decided to bring the hole family. Daddy suggested that we go to the beach afterward. :D So, we got our swimsuits on and loaded up. We drove to Bugsies, the doors were locked and the lights were out. There were some work guys outside. Daddy asked them if Bugsies is open, they told him Bugsies went out of business. :-(
So, a little bummed out, we decided to go to:
We all had a great time there and the ice cream shop had great ice cream and Boaz slept almost the hole time!!!

Here are some pictures:
Me and Elise got red raspberry cheesecake. (YUM!)
Mom got some chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It looked really good.

I have no idea what Dad got. :-/Providence got cotton candy, Clair got bubblegum.

Me and Clair SO tired!! But we had loads of fun.

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Amy B. said...

Oh, what fun family time! We love doing stuff like that!