Saturday, October 17, 2009

Keepers of home, sign language

I copied everything out of the book besides the links in this post. So, this is what the Keepers at Home book inside is like. Sign language is a means of communicating with our fingers and hands instead of using our mouths. This skill will help us to speak with those people who cannot hear or are hearing impaired. Take the time to learn this skill so you will be prepared for whomever God will send your way, so that you will be able to communicated with them. Who knows if you might be able to tell them of God's love for them.

It is a great book, it has tons of things to learn.
Click here to buy the book.

Learn the hole alphabet in sing language. (Signing chart at the bottom of the post.)
God: Click here.

Lord: click here

Jesus: Click here. Christ: click here.

please: Click here.

Thank you: Click here.

You are welcome: Click here.

How: Click here.
Are: Click here.
You: Click here.

I love you: Click here.

I am: Click here.
Glad: Click here.
To: Click here.
See you: Click here.

Be able to say John 3:16 in sign language.

Use sign language to sign one verse and stanza of your favorite hymn.

Research the history of sign language and how it relates to the deaf culture. Write a brief paragraph presenting some of the information you found.
If you have a blog, write a paragraph about the history of sign language and how it relates with the deaf culture. If not, write me a comment about your research or if your going to do this study with me!
I will be posting more about this and a video of me doing my favorite verse and stanza and John 3:16!


He & Me + 3 said...

That is so great. I taught my kids sign language before they could really helped them learn to talk quicker. Stunt Man is also learning simple signs in his preschool class. He loves it.

Megan said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog!
Thanks for telling me about yours! Love it!