Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pick Me!

Pick me!

Have you ever picked a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch? Pumpkins grow on vines and spread across the field. Pumpkins can grow VERY big or they sometimes do not grow very big. I am going to tell you a story about a little pumpkin dreaming about the day when she grows up.

There once was a pumpkin named Pun-Pun, the small pumpkin was dreaming of November 20, the day Farmer Josiah comes with his wheelbarrow to come and pick the biggest and orange pumpkins. Pun-Pun was still very little, but being did little stop her from dreaming of the day when she would be big enough for Farmer Josiah come and pick her.

November 12 was a beautiful day. The sun was shinning, there was a glorious breeze and there was colorful leaves falling from the trees. Pun-Pun lived at a vegetable farm, where Farmer Josiah grew pumpkins and other fruit and veggies.

Daddy, do you think I will grow up to be as big as you? Little Pun-Pun said. Well Pun-Pun, I cannot promise that you will get very big. Her Father said. I remember when I was just a little pumpkin, I always dreamed of the day that I too would be a big orange pumpkin. I never thought the day would come, but it did. I use to ask, 'Dad, do you think the day will ever come when I am big enough to get picked?' My father tried to answer, but nobody knew for sure.

Pun-Pun let her father words play repeatedly in her mind, in till she said 'I will just have to wait and see.' I hope I will be picked this September! I'm going to grow up this week and I'm going to be the biggest pumpkin anyone will ever see!

Pun-Pun had a good goal, but time was not on her side. Farmer Josiah comes to pick the big and orange pumpkins was in seven days. That meant that Pun-Pun had to grow quite a bit in till she was big enough!

Pun-Pun was convinced that she was going to be the 'the biggest ever seen.' But little did she know that Farmer Josiah had a plan for her.

Finally the day all the pumpkins had been waiting for came. September 20th. Pun-Pun saw Farmer Josiah and his wheelbarrow coming to the patch. Every pumpkin was exited, they had been waiting for this day all year long. Farmer Josiah stopped to pick pumpkins along the way, but Pun-Pun knew she was going to get picked. Her father thought he would try to tell Pun-Pun that she had really only grown a fourth of an inch. But she hardly heard him. Farmer Josiah came to Pun-Pun's father and picked him up, and said ''Here we go, a nice big one.'' Pun-Pun whispered to her dad 'I love you! I love you too!' He replied. The farmer put Pun-Pun's father in the wheelbarrow, he knelt down picked Pun-Pun up. He smiled at the tiny pumpkin, and said, Here we go, little pumpkin, you and your dad are going to stay together.' Farmer Josiah put Pun-Pun in the wheelbarrow with her dad. She smiled and said, 'I knew I was HUGE!!! Her dad laughed, and said they will have a great time. "I'm glad I have you with me daddy!'

I'm glad too.

Dedicated Daughter,

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Looove that :) THanks fo sharing :)