Friday, October 2, 2009

Here is a essay I wrote for school, I have written others that I will post later this week. Enjoy!
Flying High

March 3, of 2006 is certainly a day I will never forget. I woke up as a bird!

Hickory Village is a small town in Virgina, with big blue mountains, babbling brooks, and wild flowers growing freely everywhere, and cute birds who never stop singing their beautiful songs.
Saturday morning March 3 I woke up and felt buried in my covers. I finally managed to get out. Then I sat up. Everything around me seemed very big. "I must be dreaming!" I thought. So, I ran over to my mirror. I started to slap and pinch myself, but I could not wake up. Then I stood in front of my mirror for a few more minuets to make sense of what I saw. What stood before me in my mirror was a small brown bird.
"Well," I thought. "Now what do I do? I cannot go to soccer like this! I cannot even open my bedroom door! I know, I can fly out my window, find breakfast, and explore Hickory Village from a birds' point of view!"
Once I was outside, I decided to go where I see most birds, the park. I flapped my wings, harder, harder, "Wow, I am flying, I'm actually flying!" I said. I flew to the park, just realizing that I could understand the other birds beautiful songs! They were signing what sounded like, 'Sunny day, wake up, it's a sunny day!' Everything sounded so different, it was amazing! It was like hearing the main streets of NY, filled with song.
I was having a great time flying around, listening to the pretty songs, landing in trees and chatting with squirrels. I even got to eat some breadcrumbs from the woman who always feeds the birds, and boy was I hungry! I was having the time of my life.
After a few hours I deiced to head home.
I flew so fast that I couldn't see much, everything around me was a blur of green and gray. I saw a big object in front of me, I tried to slow down but I was to close.
I crashed in to the object, hit my head on a branch and found myself, in a tree and in my pajama's!
Feeling dizzy, hungry and embarrassed, I jumped out of the tree, and walked home. My parents where relived to see me and asked where I was. I told them,"If I tell you, you aren't going to believe me" I told them anyway. They shook their heads and looked at each other, said 'OK.' gave me a hug and went back to what they were doing.
Every March 3rd I hope to wake up a bird again, but that was three years ago.
That day in my life was certainly a day I will never forget.
Have a great week!

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